Ok, so everyone knows about the Big Dipper, right? (stupid question, of course) But does everyone know the names of those stars? 7 main and Alcor, Mizar's buddy?









and last and least Alcor

anyway, sort of by accident, I noticed a sort of match up with these stars and places in North America. It had to do with Gravity Falls of course. So, if I were to match up the largest [active] volcano in the world, Piedmont, Gravity Falls, and my hometown, they would match up to four of the stars. (My hometown has high amounts of radioactivity, and an island nearby used to be used to test probbably-nuclear secret military weapons) Our street (who's name translates to Up/Rise, the opposite of fall, of course) had a dog-curse about half a year ago. Almost every dog on the street either got sick, injured, or died. My dog got badly injured and couldn't use his right leg for a while. I might as well mention now that my hometown represents the star Mizar. One-of-the-dogs-who-died's name was Mirza. An anagram of Mizar. I don't know why I didn't realize this until yesterday, but it took me that long... The island represents Alcor. I don't know what poor Mirza has to do with any of this, but it might be important.

Quickly, everyone come up with as many anagrams as you can for Megrez! GO!  (just kidding seriously don't unless you're bored.)

also adding that chasing Dipper and Mabel through a magic candy store is frusturating and stressfull...

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