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aka Fillydelphian Pinkie Pie

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  • I live in Berry Sweet Fruit Orchards, North-Western Fillydelphia
  • My occupation is I work hard in my farm, and I take shifts in our family resturant. Other than that, I am a budding artist/musician.
  • I am a mare that is also a pegasus who is afraid of heights.
  • Mango Dolphin

    OC's/Original Characters List

    Gravity Falls

    Mango Aquaris Dolphin


    Her full name comes from a forum I participated in, but now she's a chat OC.

    Strange and quirky, Mango is an enthusiastic potion crafter and wizard. She is very wise, but she clouds such with a bouncy and happy personality to friends. She lives deep in the Gravity Falls forest.


    Chat: Mango came from a region a few dimensions away. Her trainer had died, so she spent her time learning English language and soon advanced to magic, in where she was able to force her way from the Pokemon Universe to the Gravity Falls universe by breaking the fourth wall.

    Forum: Mango is a rare, endangered foxen with the attitude of a cat and the attributes of aquatic mammals. Out of the …

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