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    August 24, 2013 by Haileytheheroine

    Hey guys! Lemme just say one thing. This is an RP wiki! We're suppose to be RPing! So why not use your favorite OC or your only OC, act like them, and lets have some funn!

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  • Haileytheheroine
    • Dipper & Mabel walk down to the Mystery Shack main room.*

    Stan: Dipper, I need you to help Soos fix the car. Dipper: I don't know how to fix- Stan: Well, you've gotta brain in that head, you figure it out. Dipper- Fine. *tourists arrive* Stan: I'm gonna go distract the tourists with those wild animals in the forest. Wendy, if anymore tourists show up, entertain them. Or get Dipper. Wendy: *while reading a magazine* Sure. Stan: *groans* Mabel, watch Wendy. Mabel: *salutes Stan* Yes, sir! *Stan leaves the Shack* Mabel: Okay Wendy, spill it. Wendy: Spill what. Mabel: Details about your cousin. Wendy: Why? Mabel: I think Dipper has a mental crush on her. Wendy: Already? Mabel: That's what I said to him. Wendy: Well, she's nice, smart, adventur…

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  • Haileytheheroine
    • Dipper and Mabel enter the Mystery Shack with their clothes tore up.*

    Dipper: Man, who knew that regular wild animals were THAT vicious. Mabel: I surely didn't. Haha, I said "surely". :P

    • Wendy's leaning back in her chair behind the cash register reading a magazine. She looks over at Dipper and Mabel and notice their clothes.*

    Wendy: Woah, what happen to you guys? Dipper: Us? Oh, nothing. We were just- Mabel: Fighting some wild animals. Wendy: Sounds cool. Mabel: Yeah. Except Dipper got beaten up by a bunny. Haha. Wendy: Heheh, nice going, Big Dipper. Dipper: Heheh, shut up! *they all laugh* Wendy: Hey, I forgot to tell you guys, but my cousin is coming to town. Dipper: The one that works at the lumber mill? Wendy: There's actually quite a few…

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