It's was a normal day in the peaeful town named Gravity Falls. In the Mystery Shack, Dipper was reading 3 and Mabel is playing with Waddes then suddenly Dipper said:

Dipper: Mabel, look! I found this in the journal.

Mabel:Oh boy! Is that a magic headphone that can help us know what Waddles say.

Dipper:Ah, Sorry but there's no such thing as a magic headphone.

Mabel(sad):Oh, so what is it?

Dipper: Look! It says about a magical floating and shining ball in the forest that gives us power of the universe. If we have it, we will do what ever we like.

Mabel:I don't think it's a good idea.

Dipper:Just think about the power we have, then you can have a magic headphone to know what Waddles say.

Mabel:Really! Mabel is on the way.

The twins travled to the deepest part of the forest. They alo have passed the Gremloblin land, it smelled really bad in there. After 30 minutes of travel, they finally came to a place with 3 giants tree making shapes like a circle, in the middle of the circle, they saw seven floating and shining ball.

Mabel: Do you see that? I can't wait to earn my magic.

Dipper:Me, too. If I earn it, I will be the manliest boy in the world.

Mabel:But I will have it first!

Dipper:No! I will.

So they ran to the magic ball but there's some kind of invisible wall blocked them outside.

TO be continued.....................................

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