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    It's was a normal day in the peaeful town named Gravity Falls. In the Mystery Shack, Dipper was reading 3 and Mabel is playing with Waddes then suddenly Dipper said:

    Dipper: Mabel, look! I found this in the journal.

    Mabel:Oh boy! Is that a magic headphone that can help us know what Waddles say.

    Dipper:Ah, Sorry but there's no such thing as a magic headphone.

    Mabel(sad):Oh, so what is it?

    Dipper: Look! It says about a magical floating and shining ball in the forest that gives us power of the universe. If we have it, we will do what ever we like.

    Mabel:I don't think it's a good idea.

    Dipper:Just think about the power we have, then you can have a magic headphone to know what Waddles say.

    Mabel:Really! Mabel is on the way.

    The twins travled to the deep…

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