The Gee is an fanfic series from the original charaters of Gravity Falls. This is the link to its own wiki


Mabel and Dipper found magical Spirits and they ask Dipper and Mabel to find all the fairies and guardians and unite them together to defeat the Dark Forces. As they travel from world to world, they find six fairies and six guardians and they create a team named The Gee.                 

Main characterEdit

The GeeEdit

  • Grenda (Fairy of leaves)
  • Candy Chiu (Fairy of lightning)
  • Fyri (Fairy of fire)


  • Dipper Pines (Guardian of the Mind, special Guardian weapon is a sword)
  • Mermando (Guardian of the Depths, special Guardian weapon is a bow and arrow set)
  • Darwin (Guardian of the Weather, special Guardian weapon is a big dagger)
  • Piree (Guardian of the Star, special Guardian weapon is a big yellow sceptor with a blue gem stone)
  • Sparky (Guardian of the Diamond, special Guardian weapon is a long golden string)
  • Andrei (Guardian of the Cloud, special Guardian weapon is a big white boomerang)
  • Olaf (new) (Guardian of the Ice, special Guardian weapon is a hand cannon that shoots ice)


  • Faragonda:Headmistress of Alfea School for Fairies
  • Griselda:Assistant headmisstress of Alfea
  • Daphne:History of Magic teacher (Alfea)
  • Codatorta:Head teacher of Red Foutain school for Specialists
  • Saladin:Headmaster of Red Foutain school for Specialists
  • Wizgiz:Teacher of Metamorphosimbiosis, art of changing from one form to another
  • Palladium:Teacher of Potionology, technical charms, and run the simulator of the Magical Reality Chamber at Alfea

Dark ForcesEdit

Main: Scarne (group of evil witches studying at Cloudtower, the main villiane but not the master of the dark)

  • Rainy:Witch of rain
  • Metany:Witch of metal
  • Earthy:Witch of earth
  • Mayay:Witch of darkness
Season 1:Darky (dark dragon)

Season 1: A New LifeEdit

Description: Follow Dipper, Mabel, Grenda, Candy and the Gee as they travel through the universe,learn about spells, fight evil monster and defeat the Scarne and stop the evil plan of Darky (the ancient dark dragon of the Magic Dimension). Only on The Gee, Gravity Falls RP Wiki and Gravity Falls Wiki.
  1. A Magical Begining: [1] (aired)
  2. The Quest Begin: [2] (aired)
  3. Fairies are real?: [3] (aired)
  4. Welcome to Alfea!: [4] (aired)
  5. Alfea Madness:[5] (aired)
  6. The Strangest Dream:[6] (aired)
  7. Gee Disasters:[7] (aired)
  8. Training Day:[8] (aired)
  9. Gee on Vacation:[9] (aired)
  10. The Detention of Monsters
  11. A Bad Weather Day
  12. The Mid-Term Test
  13. Friday The Thirteenth!
  14. Fashion Week
  15. Betrayal
  16. The Dragon Water
  17. A Kingdom in A Destiny
  18. Back to Magix
  19. The Rise of Darky
  20. The Final Battle

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