So um I guess whoever wants to be who can be whoever they desire to be





Haunted book 1:

Haunted book 2:

Haunted book 3:

Quentin Trembley:

So basically what happens is Quentin Trembley returns to Gravity Falls after finally resigning and is going to settle back down but while on his trip back to Gravity Falls he met a man traveling on the road and he had said he had visited Gravity Falls and purchased some haunted books and was giving them away now Quentin did not pay attention to the haunted part so he took them relieved the man gave him the books once he got to the town he founded he set out to find Dipper and Mabel and once he did Dipper was surprised and kind of depressed about him coming back but once Quentin had said something about the books he purchased from the man Dipper was surprised and More enthusiasctic about him coming back and Quentin had told Dipper and Mabel they could keep the books so they did but Dipper had read something in the book that had said that the books were cursed and if you said an incantation you would summon the curse to the books now since he didnt know they were from Gravity Falls the place he had found so much mystery in he thought that the book was messing with him he had said the incantation and he had decided to have Soos Mabel and Stan to watch him summon the curse to prove it wasnt true then he had said the incantation: Book come to life come to life and reveal your curse!! the books did nothing for a few minutes and he said he had knew that they werent cursed but then the books came to life they opened up like a mouth whispering theyre evil contents and attacking theyre victims Soos was trying punch one but it bit his hand Dipper finally fiqured out that if you break the pages they get weaker so they Mabel had grab a candle and started burning the pages Dipper used a technique in 3 to do something to the pages and Stan and Soos had pinned one and started ripping out the pages in the end Dipper and Mabel had threw the remaining pages and covers into the fireplace and whenever they go near the fireplace they still hear the books whispers.

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