Stanford Pines is the protagonist of Despicable Stan.He made his name "Despicable Stan" instead of "Grunkle Stan." He is now the new person who takes care of the Minions.

Stanford Rick Pines/Despicable Stanford




Minions, Dipper Pines, Mabel Pines, Soos, Darwin Martin


Vector Ripkins, Meena Crumbles, Eduardo Perez, Dr.Mocker


getting an award, receiving something good, being rich, being the ruler or leader


getting disturbed or destructed when he is doing something, people disrespecting him, people better than him

Born on

June 28




He is mean, greedy. selfish and as implied, Despicable. He loves to be the ruler of things. He is very great at handling weapons and gadgets.


In Despicable Stan, he meet the minions when they asked for him to take care of them. He refuses and runs so they chased him. The shack almost broke since they were too many, good thing Soos make them half by his big and strong body. Dipper and Mabel adores them but he and Soos told them to stay away from them. Soon the other half were sent underground. When Darwin came, he make that stop. Soon all of the letters at the roof of the shack except for "R' and "K" fell down infront, behind, left and right of Darwin. Then Stan made a decision. He decided yes because he will be famous if he have this. He thinked of having fun. But he needs practice of this. So he decided to be "Despicable Stan" instead. After at least 2 weeks, he is already used to the Minions.

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