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Soos is an employee at the Mystery Shack, and a good friend of Mabel, Dipper, and Wendy. He is a childish fun-loving man who works for no pay at the Mystery Shack.


Soos is a portly man who is either in his 30's or 20's. He wears biege shorts, a green shirt with a question mark on it and the word "staff" on the back of it, and a brown cap. He appears as if he hasn't shaven recently.


Soos is, as stated above, a fun-loving man who sometimes acts rather childish, and is a helpful resource in Dipper and Mabel's "mysteries", in which he usually provides a form of transportation. He also has an eager and inquisitive nature, shown when he believes the (rather hairy) mailman is a werewolf. He is also shown to be distracted easily in the epidoes Double Dipper and The Time Traveler's Pig. He is noticing weird stuff happening around Gravity Falls.

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