This character was created by Sparkarez and Stan Grunkle.

Snelson (1)

Snelson, full name Snelson J. Snail is a male garden snail.


Snelson is a quite dimwitted, and quite "slow" both mentally and psychically snail. He is orange with three lighter-shaded spots around his body, who has a purple shell and a blue bow-tie. His eyes rest high above his mouth. He has a satellite, (for satellite television purposes inside his shell), and a mailbox on his shell.


Snelson was found by Mabel while walking about in the woods with Dipper. Mabel soon claimed Snelson as her pet. As it turns out, Snelson and Mabel get a long quite well, as they both love goofing off, having fun, being there for their friends, and telling a good joke.


  • Snelson's name (Snelson) is a word play on his species.

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