Should canon characters's  history, quotes, etc be edited in the sake of Role Play plot lines?Edit

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I do not believe so, as a person who has been roleplaying for many years now, when you start twisting around canon information, it can tend to get out of hand sometimes, and if you start making changes to what happened in the canon etc, then the characters integrity can be affected. I think it is best to work within and around the canon, rather than resculpting it to suit the needs of an rp, unless there is literally no other way to make the RP work, and then there should be rules for what can and can't be altered. 08:03, May 11, 2013 (UTC)Liftboard Rider

I don't think so either. Canon stuff shouldn't be messed with, the characters are pre-existing and have their own traits and personalities already. After all, there's a reason people write role plays with them in it, it's because they like the characters as they are. (Fight-Fighters-Growlithe (talk) 02:24, May 15, 2013 (UTC)Fight-Fighters-Growlithe)

None of the characters' history should be changed. But I believe we should add information to there pages regarding information on fanon characters and their fanon experiences.

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Maybe you should add chat? I already suggested it. 18:29 05/26/2013 (Paincorn)

And I've explained 30 times why there is no chat here. -User:Tuckyd

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