Rise of the valkeriesEdit

  • Dipper & Mabel sit board*

Dipper- Ugh... nothing to do...

Mabel- Dipper you w-

  • Doorbell rings*

Mabel- I'll get it Dipper!

  • Opens door*

Lilly- Hi! Im Lilly!

Mabel- Hi Im Mabel! wanna come in?

Lilly- Ok!

Mabel- Hey Dipper! This is Lilly!

Dipper- Hi Lilly

Lilly- Hi Dipper!

  • Mabel sees angels rising to heaven*

Mabel- Do you guys see that?

Dipper- See what? Mabel, are you holusanating?

Mabel- I guess...

  • During the night, Lilly wakes up Dipper*

Dipper- Lilly? What time is it?

Lilly- 2:00. We need to talk about Mabel.

Dipper- Then shouldn't w-

Lilly- a talk about Mabel without Mabel. Ok?

Dipper- Ok...

  • Dipper and Lilly go to the roof*

Lilly- My evil brother is going after Mabel

Dipper- What?! Why?!

Lilly- When someone sees the valkeries, they gain powers, my brother wants to contian those powers so he can turn mortals into his slaves. When he takes the power out of the mortal, he has to take all of the power in the body, so the mortal will die.

Dipper- What can I do?!

Lilly- Look after her till I tell you. do not I repeat do not tell Mabel anything. Got it?

Dipper- got it.

Lilly- Also, Dont let her in the forest. Got it?

Dipper- Got it.

  • The next day*

Mabel- Hey Dipper, You wanna go to the forest?

Dipper- We gotta, Um, Watch the mystery shack.

Mabel- oh, ok

  • The next day*

Mabel- today can we go to the forest?

Dipper- I wish we could but uh, we gotta put the new stuff on the shelves.

Mabel- Ok...

  • the next day*

Dipper: Mabel? Mabel! Mabel?! MABEL?!

  • Dipper looks everywhere, but no Mabel*

Dipper- Uh oh! She left!

Lilly- I know. take my hand.

  • Dipper Grabs Hand, and Lilly flys*

Dipper- woa- woah!

  • Dipper sees Mabel*

Dipper- Lilly! I see her!

  • Lilly swoops down, but Jason tumbbles on her, Dipper Falls*

Dipper- AHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Mabel Catches Dipper*

Mabel- you ok Dipper?

Dipper- yea!

  • Lilly defeats Jason*

Jason- I'll be back Lilly!

Lilly- I know. But I'll be ready!


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