The following is a list of rules and guidlines.

Chat and Blog rules

  • No profanity allowed. (words in replacement, abreviations such as WTF and lesser words such as "crap" are acceptable.
  • No sexual content unless there is a significant forewarning on the top of the page. Sexual content is forbidden in Chat.
  • No spamming. This means posting links repetetively, doing something to annoy a user on purose, etc

File and Page rules

  • When editing or creating a page, try to use as best grammar as possible. This is just a suggestion, as admins and others can fix any errors
  • Do not switch between POV. For example, if an article is in the third person, do not write a random sentence in first person directed towards the reader, unless there is some sort of story or narrative involved. This is often confusing, especially if it isn't actually directed at the reader, but just the writer thinking out loud
  • Same rules for chat and blogs apply to pages. 
  • when uploading a photo, be sure you have a significant reason for uploading your photo. Unrelated photos cause the file part of the wiki to become cluttered. Some photos may be deleted, but any photo used in an article will not be deleted.
  • Pages with spam content may be deleted without warning. Spam content is random words or a phrase that is completely out of context.
  • OC's and canon Gravity Falls characters are the only characters that should have pages, unless the character in question works and can be explained in a crossover. If an admin finds a page that does not follow this rule, the creator of the page will be notified and expected to reply within a certain time period. If no valid explanation is recieved, the page may be deleted.
  • when creating a page, try to add appropriate categories to your article so that other people can find it more easily.

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