Rock is one of "TheUnown"s OCs


Rock is a humorus and silly person. He also can be the exact oposite when he is in a bad situation.


Rock has dark-brown, simi-long hair, Brown eyes, and is about 5 feet tall.


Rock enjoys Video Games, and even has a world recourd for the snes game, Megaman X. He also like anime and manga. Along with this he likes to have fun and tell jokes.


He has a older sister named Amy. Trey and Tyler are staying at his house for the summer. It should be worth noticing that Rock has a crush on Angeline "NoodleNerds"s oc. Rock watched her as she accepted to be someone elses Girlfriend, right after visiting his moms grave for the first time. He watched as someone tall and in black cloths, murrdered his mom, and has been trying to find that person. While he dosen't belive it some think the man was the Senlderman.