Rachel Oaks is a 13 year old dream demon. In human form,her last name is Oaks. But in Demon form,her last name is Cipher.Her father is Bill Cipher. she has a million of siblings,but her favorite sibling is Rebecca Oaks. Her favorite type of power is shape-shifting. She can easily get bored,making her evil side control her. Normally she's known as a friendly human,though she still has some human feelings and emotions.


Rachel lives in a literal log in the middle of a forest slightly near her best friends house,Russel. For Rachel's 11th birthday, she asked for a log house,the actually decorated and mesured house. Instead her father,Bill, gave her a real and very small log that she sleeps in every night. Rachel would have to shape-shift into a traingle dorito and fit into the log.

Relationships with friends and familyEdit

Rachel has millions of siblings. her favorite sibling is Rebecca Oaks.  Her father is Bill Cipher.She has this crush on her best friend named Russel Crafter.  When she gets bored,Russel is usually her target. She merges him with either a doll or with something girly. 

This is how Rachel looks in Power Mode --> 

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