Paige Renne is the average twelve-year old girl. But almost everything changes when she moves up north to Gravity Falls, Oregon. She grew up in the country side of Orange County, California with her mother.


She has a light skin-tone, dark brown hair that reaches her back, and wears a Toxic Sherbert tee with faded knee-length shorts and yellow hightops. (Disclaimer: Toxic Sherbert is a  band I made up for Gravity Falls. Please do NOT use it without my permission.)


Paige is a very friendly person, unless you act or look suspicious in front of her. She also loves Huskies! She just loves 'em. Paige is very artistic, and can draw any beast you describe. She should be working with the police. (haha, no) In addition to that, Paige can fluently tell a LIE. Yup, a lie! Let's cross joining the police out.


Paige is best friends with Mabel and Dipper PInes. One time, Mabel teased Dipper for 'liking' Paige. She has a strangely compatible friendship with Bill Cipher. Every night, Bill visits her in the wake of dreams. He doesn't scare her AT ALL.


Gravity Falls OC Paige husky

She sure loves Huskies!

Gravity Falls Paige WIP


Please critic them!! I want you to give me suggestions. And yes, -Isa is my art sig. (my real name is Isabella) I also used bases for each of the drawings. Read my fanfic at

Gravity Falls OC Paige

My first drawing of Paige (I used a base)

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