Apperance Edit

Well, she has midnight black hair and a red hoodie jacket. Black eyes, and blood red shoes; with white laces, and black soles. Her hoodie jacket has a black rim on the collor and wrist.

She is part human, part shadow

Personality Edit

She has a bubbly and sarcastic type of mood all the time. Though, when she gets angered, she can have this tantrum with the shadows. When shes saddened, she gets away from everyone and calms down somewhere far into the forest.

Relationships Edit

Bill Cipher Edit

Well, she doesint really conteact with him much, only to anger the fella. Though, in the Weridmagidon part 1 episode, she hides in fear of being killed by the god-like being.

The Pines Family Edit

She has most contact with then than any other being in Gravity Falls. She mostly plays with there shaodws for the heck of it; Mostly to annoy and scare Stan. With Ford, she has no problem interviewing with the geek (or so she calls him).

Powers and Weaknesses Edit

Abilities Edit

She has the uper-hand of the attackers plan by looking at there movement. SHe also has wings that can move like lighting (almost). She has two jaggers for each hand.

Weakness Edit

Sense shes part human, she has a weak advance against magic. Her wings can get cut, wounded, or even cut off from her form. She losses her daggers easiley, so shes weaker like that.

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