Full name

Olaf Hans Colonia.

Other name

Olaf the Snowman, Snowy, Iceboy




snow, cold, dancing, playing, being happy, making friends


Gideon, Robbie, Scarne, Darky

Special Abilities

Able to freeze anyone, can turn into a snowman, shoots alot of ice from the mouth.


Freeze! Olaf has come! To bring you fun!

Olaf is a main character of The Gee. He is one of the guardians, the guardian of the snow and ice. His special guardian weapon is a hand cannon that shoots snowballs and ice. He can also turn into a snowman, getting more powerful but sometimes making it hilarious. Olaf is very funny, friendly and loves joking around. He always sings and dances while walking. You can see Olaf always fighting with a smile, whatever he does. His first appearance is in Season 2.

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