The following is a list of narratives and journals by Mirra about her experiences in Gravity Falls

This Is Bigger than MeEdit

Why am I such an idiot? The Keystone actually worked. I was so patient with this crap, and now that it's really happening, I'm scared out of my mind. It doesn't help that the energy the stupid rock released atrracted a few paranormal geeks and federal agents. Now not only am I trapped here indefinitely, but now I'm running away from them TOO. This isn't fair. Maybe I can find someone else who understands, maybe they can help me fix this.

Last Night was CreepyEdit

So, second day in Gravity Falls. Last night was really creepy. For one, the TV turned itself on while I was sleeping. I was half asleep when I turned it off, so I guess it could have been a dream, but I'm pretty sure it wasn't. I woke up once after that too, and I could have sworn I heard someone snoring from the closet. 

Rain forecasted for tommorow. I might borrow an umbrella from the shack later. Hopefully I won't have a creepy Mr. Pyramid dream like I did last time I heard a forecast for rain.

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