This is my OC Maria. (Sorry I spelled the name wrong in the title)

Name: Maria

ID: ******2567

Age: 15

Gender: Female

Species: Robot

Personality Edit

Personality: Sad but Charming

Likes: Music, Guns and Drawing

Hates: Super natural events

Backstory Edit

Maria was made by the government. She was designed to record super natural events. One problem though, her system refused to work sadly that was the only system that could handle it. So the government tried something new, the engineer's daughter volunteered to put her soul in the robot.

Ability Edit

Camera: Do I need to explain that

Shotgun: Bang Bang

Laser: not human friendly

Radio: sing to your fav songs

Medkit: "C'mon Doc!" -Scout TF

Weakness Edit

Super natural events are Maria's main weakness. The super natural evens are rated by how bad the effects are.

Level 1: slightly static voice

Level 2: static voice Camera and Radio shut down

Level 3: Complete reboot (about 40 mins)

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