The following is a list of dreams affected by the keystone. 

Pyramid Man DreamsEdit

[Only one memorable to date] The Pyramid Man is seen outside. Assuming this is his true form, he is about 15 feet tall, with four eyes and arms and legs not physically attached to body. 

In this dream, the pyramid man is attempting to attack Dipper, and mentions that "It's a 60% chance of rain today" before it starts to rain. This could also be considered a future-predicting dream since it rained the day after.

Future Predicting DreamsEdit

  • A ghost is seen breaking the keystone. the next day, the keystone fell and broke. Mirra repaired it with tape.
  • Once again, several months later, there was another dream involving the keystone breaking. However, it did not actually break in the dream or in real life this time. In the dream, the tape was loose. When Mirra woke up and found the keystone, the tape previously used to fix it had become loose.
  • Others have been forgotten at this point.

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