Name; Lilith Goins

Age; 11 1/2 Years old

Likes; Computers, Music, Flowers, Nature, Art, Science, Stories, Mysteries, Darkness, Shadows, Light

Dislikes; Sports, Loud noises, Uncleanness, Light, Art theives, Pranks, Mud

Parents; Brian Goins, ???

Species; Somewhat mortal

Clothing; A green shirt, cut down so it doesn't have any sleeves, Vines around her arms, Which are alive, A blue Poison joke flower, Has Pink/Orange hair

Back story; While In the forest near a little house she lived In, she was playing outside, she came across a tree. Since Gravity Falls has lots of mysterious, Lilith touched the tree and It pulled towards her about to kill her. The vines grew up to her head and below. Her father came out and threw a axe at the tree cutting the vines. Although the vines were cut, the ones choking her, dried out and died. Remaining vines grew on her.  After that she got more attatched to the indoors, but she couldn't stay inside without sunlight due to the vines attatch to herself, and her blood. Soon when she figured out she'd die if she wasn't In sunlight for atleast five hours a day, so she got more comfortable with nature. 

Talents; Gardening quicker, Karate, Art, Piano, Violin, Gaming, Programming, Solving Mysteries

Her Secret; When she saw Dipper retriving the Jorunal 3 In the woods she had a crush on him ever since.

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