Full name

Krystar Teno Harenyx

Other name

Princess Krysta, Fun girl




Mysteries, krystal, her friends, Bill Cipher


Gideon, Robbie, Scarne, Darky


You're such a stupid witches.

Krysta is the princess of Dannes, the kingdom of Diamond. She is a main character in an upcoming Gravity Falls fanmade series.

History Edit

Her first appearance is in the second episode of Season 1, when Mabel, Grenda, Candy, Pacifica and Vietna went to Alfea High school for faries, she is also their roomates. She is also be chosen by the Spirit to be the next fairy of the Gee, then her krystal decorations falled from a shell and immediately the spirit absorb the krystal power. Sice that, she become the sixth fairy of the group and the fairy of krystal.

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