Ok guys im gonna show you how you do my fighting rp.

Main Characters + CombosEdit

  • Dipper: Supernatural help. He can sentence lots of supernatural stuff to attack his opponent
  • Mabel: Evil mabel. She can crouch 13 times then turns into her evil self and can hug her opponent then turns back to normal her opponent  health will go dangerously low
  • Lizzy: Power kick. She can headbutt and kick her opponent powerfully
  • Lauren: Bass cannon. She can use her powerful bass cannon blast
  • Julia: Gemscape. She can use her magic to make 100s of sharp jewels come out of the ground

Jade: Can shapeshift into what you would like then attacks with mega power

  • Buttercup: Animal ambush. She can sentence 15 hedgehogs and meerkats,18 birds and a grizzly bear to attack her opponent
  • InsaneTaco55 (IT55/Russel): Rainbow Tuba. Uses a Rainbow Tuba to splash opponent with harmful rainbow goo.

Levels + MusicEdit

you can also add some new characters if would like. Good Luck!

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