Hope Miraculum Bannum is a female werewolf that lives in the Gravity Falls Forest. She is the daughter of Celeste Bannum (Deceased). She is a main character in The Lord Of The Falls series, and also a recurring character of The Gee.  


Full name

Hope Miraculum Bannum

Other names

That Weird girl, Wolfy



Inspired by



LoTR, Samwise Gamgee, Being alone, Darwin Revenger, Mabel Pines, Robbie, Stan, Wendy, Soos


Dipper Pines (Sometimes), Gideon, anyone who gets in my way

Special Abilities

Turning into a werewolf at the full moon, Being silent but deadly (No comment), can make the ground shake and throw rocks using her claws.


Friends are like potatoes. When you eat them, they die.


August 30th


Hope is very timid in a crowd, and REALLY likes her space. She is a bit of a loner, but likes having friends. Hope is very stouthearted and truthful. Her best friend is Darwin Revenger.


Hope is a teenage girl, with eyes that have the colors blue, green, and brown in them. Her hair is fairly dark brown with flecks of grey and light brown. Hope wears glasses, and a grey Old Navy sweater with very many rips in it. She wears ripped slack black jogging pants.


Hope Miraculum Bannum pic.

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