Grunkle those Minions! is the first episode and series beginning of Despicable Stan.


It was a morning when Stan woke up and relaxed on his sofa when he heard a noise. He wanted to know what's that so he went out of the shack. Then he got surprised when he realized that those are MINIONS!!! They spoked first in a Minionese language which Stan can't understand for many times until they just wrote in a paper asking if he can take care of them all. Stan refused and ran away but then they chased him which it filled the whole shack so Dipper, Mabel and Soos were chased too. Soos told Mabel and Dipper to stay away and hide first and he will throw them away but unfortunately they adored the minions. Soos and Stan threw them away but Mabel and Dipper keep on insisting them to adore it. Soos uses the broom and dustpan. Dipper and Mabel thinked of what to do then Dipper gotten an idea: To call Darwin Martin for help. Soon Darwin came fastly. They talked and sooner Stan decided to adore the Minions. Soon Stan started a practice with Darwin about it. Soon each of them said their names and Darwin, Dipper, Mabel and Soos took notes. There are many names such as: Dave, Stuart, Kevin, Jerry, Phil, Mark, Tim, Tom, Lance and etc. Stan decided to be Despicable. He said the word again with a shout: DESPICABLE! and Mabel and Dipper said: Stan! Then Darwin set up a camera which can picture them all so Stan stayed in the middle, his left is Dipper and Darwin and right is Mabel and Soos and the rest of the space where the MINIONS!!!

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