The Roadkill Boys are a group of male singing minks. There are 12 boys in this group like the female group the Musicettes. Fortunately for them, their species seems to mature faster than human beings, and the Roadkill Boys were able to walk, talk because of a scientist like the Musicettes who want animals to talk, and walk like human at the age of 2 years old but not Erik and Fabian. There is 6 in the 2 groups because there is 12 boys. Ian was the music producer and executive of JETT records, who schemed to push the Roadkill Boys to fame to earn money off of them. Soon after he'd lost his job. However when he met the Musicettes, he made lies about the Roadkill Boys, who were the reason why the Musicettes came to to the gaint's world. Soon afterwards, the Musicettes found out he was lying. They are friends not brothers.

Team members

Kyle- Lead singer

Austin- (12)

Brian- (12)

Adrain- (12)

Justin- (13)

Fabian- (4)

Erik- (5)

Ricky- (13)

Devin- 2nd lead singer (13)

Herbert- (12)

Kenneth- (11)

Gloyd- (12)

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