The Musicettes are a group of female singing minks. There are 12 girls in this group. Fortunately for them, their species seems to mature faster than human beings, and the Musicettes were able to walk, talk because of a scientist who want animals to talk, and walk like human at the age of 2 years old but not Grace, and Layla because somehow when Grace and Layla were born they walked and talked. There is 6 in the 2 groups because there is 12 girls. They met Ian Hawke, there who now lives in the basement, and impress him with their singing talents. Ian hires them as a plot to get revenge on The Roadkill Boys and revive his career. However when he met the Musicettes, he made lies about the Roadkill Boys, who were the reason why the Musicettes came to to the gaint's world. Then soon afterwards, the Musicettes find out he was lying and the Musicettes manage to escape with Kyle (one of the Roadkill Boys), and they arrive just in time to perform at the contest. They are a family of sisters.


Group members

Charisma- Lead singer (12)

Glisselle (12)

Didi (12)

Grace (5)

Layla (4)

Paulina (11)

Janice (13)- 2nd lead singer of her group

Natalie (12)

Valerie (13)

Erykah (13)

Alyssa (13)

Natalie (12)

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