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Welcome to Alfea!

Griselda is the assistant headmistress of Alfea.

Personal ProfileEdit

Griselda is the assistant headmistress of Alfea; as such, she is very gruff and strict towards students, but is generally kind and to all the fairies at the school as she is shown to care immensely for them. She also has a deep faith in the Alfea fairies shown during one of the Trix' attacks on the school she told them that "fairies do not fear witches".


Griselda is a brunette, with straight hair in a short, sharp hairstyle and sharp glasses to match. She often wears a navy blue, smoky blue, or red sailor-type dress.

Powers and spellsEdit

  • Sun Block: Blocks an attack.
  • Deflectus: Reflects an attack back to the user.
  • Bubble Sphere: Just like her Sun Block, only stronger.
  • Powerus Absorbus: Absorbs an attack.

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