Gee Disaster

Ep. number

Season 1 episode 7 (107)

Written by

Super Revenger 98

Air date

December 24, 2013

Last episode

The Strangest Dream

Next episode

Andrei's Training

Gee Disasters is the seventh episode of The Gee.


The Scarne unleashed the next monster:Tsunamon and it made a big  poison tsunami which has destroyed the forest around Red Foutain. As Mermando woke up, the poisonus water suddenly came to him and he got scared and hurt so he swum so fast but he flowed by the poisonus tsunami and had went down on the place near to the water and he could be dead. Will The Gee stop Tsunamon before it's destroy Red Foutain and the Guardians? Soon in Alfea while in their break Hope suddenly heard something. Vietna and Krysta asked about it so then all of them try to see and undertsand what that sound is. suddenly Vietna and Krysta realized that the ground is peeling sl theg told everyone to ran. But before the gee could transform, the ground shaked and a small earthquake in Alfea had started so all of them went down except for Hope, Mabel and Vietna. Suddenly the three noticed that Grenda, Candy, Krysta and Pacifica who fell was got into something. They tried to see what is this that took them, or is it just the Scarne who abducting them? Meanwhile at the Red Fouuntain forest, Darwin and Piree stopped the tsunamon but they can't. Sparky tried to recover Mermando while Dipper is thinking of a plan to stop Tsunamon. Until so, Tsunamon divided himself so he can destroy and defeat more. It became three parts: One is for Darwin and Piree, another is for Sparky and Mermando and the other is for Dipper. Just then, darwin's cousin, Andrei came out and helped them. Soon, Darwin made Andrei to be part of the Gee. But will they solve these disasters?

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