The Cryptogram Song is the 1st. episode of Season 1 Gravity Falls by Ediththebest31.


A normal day in Gravity Falls becomes a strange day. From nowhere, Bill Cipher appeares after Dipper and Mabel. Both astonished by seeing him in a dizzy way, Bill gives them a paper where is a cryptogram. Bill then disappeares. Dipper reads the paper, which said:


Dipper then consults 3 about this. In the book there is a part that says:

Bill will sometime need your help. If he consults you, KHOS.

Dipper recognises KHOS from the paper Bill gave them. Mabel suggests to summon him to learn more about him. Dipper consults his Grunkle Stan for the book that contains it, which is 2. Stan lends him the book.

Dipper and Mabel go to deep forest, light some candels and recite:

Triangulum, entangulum. Veneforis dominus ventium. Veneforis venetisarium!

Bill appears after them, dizzy and confused, he asks the twins if they ae going to help, which both respond exitedly yes. They soon find themselves at Gravity Falls Prision. From a window, they watch Gideon plead for revenge against all, as he mentions Bill. In a flashback, Bill remembers how he sometime helped Gideon, but now is his enemy.

Bill takes the twins to the Mystery Shack, where they discuss about it. Bill tells them a story, which they misunderstand it and think Bill was a fraud. The twins send Bill back to where he came from, but before he leaves, he gives them a paper with a song decoded. Bill then faints. Dipper reads the paper, which said:

LK, GIZMTOV, 9 18-6-19-19 BRX UILN 25-15-21-18 21-3-6-5-19.

Story will be finished by Saturday 4, 2014.

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