Eevee is actually a pokemon who fell trough a mystical portal and landed in Gravity falls Oregon.Due to being a pokemon,Vee retains all her attacks and abilities (such as evolution into Embreon) although she is now human.Shorty after her arrival ,Vee stole #3 and Dipper's hat.

Eevee resides in what was once the Minotaur fortress

Vee anime

Apearance as Eevee Edit

The now human Eevee still holds some of her kind's traits such as tail and ears .She bears short brown hair, pale skin,brown eyes a thick brown dress with a cream neck.

As a pokemon Vee is a small brown fox with cream neck and tail and brown eyes.

Apearance as Embreon Edit

Eevee being a pokemon is able to evolve into embreon .she uses this power to scare people or kill someone.

As a human Vee has thick short black hair,embreon's ears and tail she wears a short black dress and has pale skin red eyes and glowing yellow rings in her hair ears and tail.Embreon also wears long black gloves and black boots that bear glowing yellow rings.

As a pokemon Embreon resembles a black, red eyed jackle with glowing yellow rings around her ears,tails and paws.

Personality Edit

Eevee may look sweet innocent and cute,but in reality she is a short tempered violent and sometimes bloodthirsty little critter. In her world she is known for being a good murder and a Crazy friend

Powers Edit

Eevee is user of the following powers

 Level   Move   Type     Pwr.            Start Helping Hand Normal
Start Growl Normal
Start Tackle Normal 50
10 Swift Normal 60
13 Quick Attack Normal 40
17 Bite Dark 60
20 Refresh Normal
23 Covet Normal 60
25 Take Down Normal 90
29 Charm Fairy
13 Quick Attack Normal
17 Confuse Ray Ghost
29 Screech Normal
33 Moonlight


Family and friends Edit







Vaporeon(boy friend)

espieon (rival)


RP Apearance Edit


Trivia Edit

  • Eevee's personality is based off her creator Tornshine's personality
  • Vee is a cute little murderer
  • vee wants to kill Dipper
  • vee has a boyfriend Vaporeon

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