Despicable Stan is a fan-fic series created by Darwin Martin, aka Super Revenger 98. It is about Grunkle Stan having minions and getting despicable. Here, Stan is only 62 years old.

Series overviewEdit

This series has 15 episodes in Season 1 and 5 shorts. It aired at December 10, 2013.


It was a day Grunkle Stan was lazyslouting on the sofa when he heard a noise outside. He went to see it and got surprised, It was the minions. It went to the shack and Dipper, Mabel and Soos also got surprised. Soos and Stan wants to get them out while Dipper and Mabel adores them. It's just up to Stan to decide. Will he adore this minions in his life or just throw them away? What adventure would he take with this minions? Lets find out

Main CharactersEdit

Despicable Stanford


Dipper Pines

Mabel Pines


Darwin Martin

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