Full name

Darwin Revenger

Other name

Super Darwin, Sky controller, wise weather boy



Inspired by

User:Super Revenger 98


Fighting, mysteries, friends, nature, parties, Andrei, joking and pranking


Gideon, Robbie, Scarne, Darky

Special Abilities

Controlling weather, shooting lightning by mind


What does the Super Darwin says?

Darwin is a main character in The Gee. He is one of the Guardians, the Guardian of the Weather. His special Guardian weapon is a big dagger with lazer beam. He is smart, very friendly and has a good touch for nature. But he also loves to joke and prank! When it comes to be with Sparky around, bigger jokes and pranks will happen! He can be sweet to anyone, often making them shocked and laugh. He attends Red Fountain School for Specialists and he is also Andrei, Piree, Dipper, Sparky and Mermando's roommates at RF. He is Andrei's cousin. He is usually seen wearing his green weather jacket and a T-shirt written infront, Darwin the weather boy and at the back,  "Revenger" then the number 98. 

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