Red Fountain, Saladin

Skills, Abilities, and Weapons

Blue Phantoblade

First Appearance

Alfea Madness

Codatorta is the head teacher at Red Fountain and so far the only known teacher. It is presumed he is the assistant Principal. He served in the great witch invasion. He wields a dark blue sword with three rings on the dull side and occasionally use a dark blue whip.

Personality ProfileEdit

He is a strict teacher but cares about the students.


Codatorta is a burly, gruff man with dark brown hair, slicked back to reveal his bushy eyebrows and widow's peak. He sports a goatee that is attached to his sideburns along his jawline.

He wears a dusty, grey shirt that zips up the front and has no sleeves, a darker blue belt, khaki-colored pants, blue boots, and silver gauntlets. He is also very muscular.

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