Chloe Metaphor is a student of Alfea. She is a friend of Hope and loves ponies.


Full name

Chloe Chelsea Metaphor

Other name

Metachloe, Chloe the Pink Pony



Inspired by

User:Pony Pinkie


ponies, pink, colors, creative, friends


Gideon, Robbie, Scarne, Darky, Enemies, Getting destroyed

Special Abilities

In fairy form, she becames a flying pony.


Oh hi there! Don't get into any bad feeling, I'll not hurt you.


Chloe is the daughter of a asian great artist. Whens she was 6 her dad left for artists duties and going back to Asia. So she was only with her mother, Marie Raine Metaphor. She loved ponies and has a collection of studf toys in it, until she is 13 in present. Chloe loved amazing creations and colorful. She then tried to see her skills until she was so amazed. Her mom got so impressed so she enrolled her in an art school. Now shed reamt of being an artist like her dad.

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