Diana Ramirez
Background information
First seen "N/A"
Voice No one as of now
Honors and awards
Character information
Full name Diana Arcadia Ramirez
Other names Little Rose (Given by Bill Cipher)

Di-Di (Given by Mabel, is pronounced 'Die-Die')

Personality Fun, calm most of the time, loves adventure,
Appearance Long dark brown hair, green eyes,
Birthday 1998 (14)
Occupation Works at the Mystery Shack
Goal To Protect Mabel and Dipper

Make sure that the government never finds her in Gravity Falls

Home Somewhere in Arizona ( Formerly)

Gravity Falls ( Currently)

Relatives Soos Ramirez (Cousin)

Abuelita Grandpa Ramirez Unnamed Father Unnamed Mother Unnamed sister

Pets No Pets
Allies Dipper Pines (Former Crush)

Mabel Pines Wendy Corduroy Stan Pines Ariel

Enemies Pacifica Northwest

Gideon Gleeful (Former) Bill Cipher (Former)

Likes Rainbow sherbet ice cream,
Dislikes Being called a monster because of her powers

Bill Cipher (Former) Fear of being rejected Trusting people and then being betrayed by them

Powers and abilities Shape Shifting
Fate To help seal up Bill Cipher into the magical pendent with the other Cipher Wheel representatives.
Quote "When life gives you lemons, you don't make freaking lemonade, you squeeze those lemons right in life's eyes!"

No Title

No information

Diana Ramirez is an adventurous and curious girl who ran away from her home in Arizona to Gravity Falls, Oregon after she was almost caught using her powers. Secretly From then on she lived with her cousin Soos and his grandma named Abuelita.

Soon she meet both of the Pines Twins and befriended them. After a while of her stay she began to develop a crush on Dipper and joined on usual monster hunts with him and Mabel. Yet the fun was quick to end as Bill Cipher began to take an interest in this girl. 

"GOD DANG IT! What is up with all the Illuminati signs!?"

–"Gravity Falls, I wonder what it looks like besides forests? Maybe I should go and explore it a bit...I’ll have to ask Soos,", “When, I was born, I wasn't born normal, and I wasn't born human, I was a shape shifter,”

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