Sachiko Shinozaki is a girl who died by being CHOKED.She was only 7 years old when she died.She is a ghost now that haunts a school named Heavenly Host.She  is summoned if you use something called THE SACHIKO CHARM for friendship.She can kill you with her scissors.It is a curse and the only way to get out of it is to say:SACHIKO WE BEG OF YOU 9 times in a row.You will be safe but you will have a terrible fate which is if someone dies they will be stuck at HEAVENLY HOST forever with other ghosts and they can talk to you through  your phone and they will not be remembered in the real world.Sachiko is a girl that is very pale,has a red dress,grey eyes,and has no shoes and she has black hair.Her alive form had brown hair,a white dress,2 gold hair clips and she was normal skin color and had purple eyes.Her mom got killed by her dad and she did too.Her principal cut her tongue out of her mouth while she was dead.She killed many people with her scissors.She is still roaming Heavenly Host and she is immortal with a real body.Edit

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