​Olvia De'es is one of Gravity Fall's newest residents.

Age: (just turned) 13


Olvia De'es recently moved into Gravity Falls with her dog, Mom, Dad, and two annoying little bros. Right from the beggining, she knows there something up about Gravity Falls. Paranormal is becoming the norm for her, though.



Olvia looks mixed-ethnicity, but she's only Filipino. She has warm brown skin, light brown eyes, and a big nose. Her frizzy dark brown hair has a naturally light brown highlight and is almost always in a pony tail. For some reason, she's always told she's "tall for her age." Nothing about her really stands out.


Olvia likes to wear plain v-necks and shorts. Over her shirt she wears a light green cardigan, which has some inner pockets. She's either wearing sneakers, slippers, or sneakers; if she's wearing sneakers she also has colorful socks that reach just below the knee. Occasionally, she wears a dress, but nothing too fancy.


Olvia is not a perfect person. She has some skills and flaws. To sum it up, she is a mashup of Dipper, Mabel, and Soos, with her own little self mixed in as well. She's smart, clever, resourceful, and can easily connect the dots if enough info is known. She loves adventure and mysteries, but sometimes she's uncomfortable about seriousness. Joking is something she loves to do. She's fun-loving, kind, and helpful, but also is forgetful, tends to misplace things, and lies for her benefit.

Punch her, and she'll punch you back. ;)


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