Name: Mae Scarlet

age: 12

Hair Color: dark brown

 outfit: pink shirt with thin black stripes, white skirt, black flats, pink diamond necklace.

 hobbies: painting, drawing, writing, adventuring, singing, and acting, and playing piano

 friends: Mabel, Pacifica, DIpper, Soos, Wendy, and my twin sister(twin is one of my other oc's who looks exactly like MAe but her name is Mina and she wear blue and black instead of pink and white)

 faamily: twin sister(Mina), cousin)(Pacifica)
MY character is Mae Scarlet, she had arrived in gravity falls with her identical twin Mina Scarlet to stay over at her cousin's Mansion(obviously her cousin is Pacifica) Mae Scarlet and her twin are both sisters, they also get mixed up a lot because of how much they look alike. they both had long dark brown hair thats always loose and stripes shirts. Mae's was pink and Mina's was blue, MIna had a black skirt and Mae had a white one. the twins were friend with Mabel, Dipper, Pacifica, Soos, and Wendy. Mae would hang with Mabel and Pacifica mostly, MIna would hang out with Dipper, soos, and Wendy mostly.but otherwise the twins never left each other's side

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