History:Vinnie, when born was a normal kid, until he got 10, he received a dark, large sword. He started training in the bushes chopping off trees to hunting passive animals, like the pig. When he got 12 he started to hunt monsters (Principaly the undead, its pretty easy for him) For money. Then he met one big challenge, the Manotaurs, he started a big battle with them, after 2 hours he couldn't figth anymore so he went home. But something was strange about them... Vinnie decided to "spy" them so he would know more about them, he completed all challenges, with difficulty, then, he got to figth the Multibear but, instead, he figthed again, and one of them had one ball, not a simple ball, a ball that contained all the secrets of Gravity Falls. Vinnie, how he dont like to mess with strange things, he got off the cave, eated the meat he won (Yes, he was chasing them for meat.) And selled them for a good price. he them lives in dangerous missions to kill the monsters for money.

Personality:Sometimes he can be cruel, cold hearted, and even dark, but most of the time he is figthing for the money. He likes to make friends (Wich is not mentioned in the history because i dont want to take the "background" history and yet, the plain history.) and sometimes help others from stuff, like robbers.

Appearance:Vinnie haves a plain dark hair, he uses a shirt that, most of the time, is with blood.

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