Seth Resonia is a guy who just resided in Gravity Falls. He's best friends with Dipper and he's 13.


He was born in California. He decided to explore the USA at 11. He started with the Yellowstone National Park(which is secretly a superDUPER volcano), then the Taco Bell store at Los Angeles, the Gravity Falls.


He can be a bit over-facepalmy at times, and likes hoodies, like Mabel likes sweaters.


He has an everchanging wardrobe of hoodies, wears Nike shoes, and has a pair of khakis.


  • Pie
  • Dipper
  • Smile Dip(once a month to prevent hallucinations)


  • Getting hit in the face with a ball
  • Noobs in the corner
  • Punched in the gut after eating his mothers pasta

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