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Sabrina Croft

Sabrina Croft is a cool, calm, and collected 12 year old. 


Carrie Croft- Mother

James Croft- Father

Connor Croft- Brother


Dipper Pines- Dipper and Sabrina are very close. Sabrina thinks Dipper can be very paranoid at times, so Sabrina tries to calm him down.

Mabel Pines- Mabel, being the superfriendly person she is, became friends with Sabrina as soon as she met her.  Mabel always tries to get Sabrina to come along with them (them being Dipper and Mabel) on adventures and Sabrina rarely comes along.

Pacifica Northwest- Like most people, Sabrina hates Pacifica VERY much.

Gideon Gleeful- Sabrina thinks Gideon is a huge fake and does'nt like him very much.

(OC) Damien Durland- Sabrina has a longtime crush on Damien and gets very nervous around him

(OC) Kayne Blubs-  Sabrina and Kayne get along fairly.

(OC) Lyra Sans- Lyra and Sabrina were childhood enemies but made up recently.

(OC) Emma Lewis- Sabrina tends to ignore Emma because most people think she is a 3rd wheel in everything.

(OCS) Jynx and Josh Jameson:  Sabrina confides in Jynx with most of her secrets, which basically means they are great friends. Josh and Sabrina have a very great friendship and often play pranks together.

(OC) Connor Croft- Sabrina and her brother are as close as 2 siblings can be. This is often shown by Connor being very overprotective of his younger sibling.


Sabrina was born and raised in Gravity Falls, Oregon. She would often go to the Mystery Shack in her younger years and built up a sort-of 'friendship' with Wendy and Soos. Eventually, Connor met Wendy, and they went out, much to Sabrina's dismay. Sabrina then knew she had to find friends her age. She then met the twins Jynx and Josh. They had TONS in common! They all liked comics, pranking, and CANDY!

[Will Update]

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