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Nova's full name is Nova Rose, she has a big sister and her parents(of course). she's 13 years old(her birthday is 5th august) has brown hair and blue/green eyes. Her whole family used to live in Norway, uintil her father got a job, in the united states of america, so they had to move to new york, when she was 6 years old. Nova isnt really good in school, but her parents understood why. its because she have autism(it makes it harder to consentrate and always needs to be alone alot). This caused her to maybe move back to Norway, but she refused. Because she couldnt see her father, she didnt knew people there exsept her family there, and she maybe needs to learn the langurage again (and its really hard to learn someone a langurage).

She wasnt really good in alot of things, however, the things she loved to do, was to be creative, so she learned to draw, play piano, write and dance. Nova failed in dancing, but her drawing skills was something she could really do, and she used it alot, to show what she means. she still did play piano, but she stopped in a moment because it wasnt fun anymore. her writing was ok, but sometimes it was hard to understand what she means.

How she got to gravity falls.

How Nova was getting to gravity falls, it was with her sister, who was 18 years old. They had saved some money to have a trip to somewhere this summer, and it was this summer cabin in the woods not far from gravity falls who was for sale. that cabin caught their eyes. It felt like a summer in a cabin in norway. Where they could swim in the lake, get to the city whenever they want, or just watch a horror movie in the night, so they had to get there. after begging their parents in weeks, they got allowed to go, because it was soon their birthday soon(its 15 days in between their birthday's), and they missed being in a cabin in summer vacation.

With her sister, driving all the way, it was really exhaused trip, but they finally got there. what they did first was to look inside the cabin. it was dusty, but it was funiture there, so they didnt mind.

Authors words:

thats all i got for now...i'll maybe update if i can. this is my first...text i made in gravityfalls rp...(i kinda made this character like me alot...oh well)

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