Netty Morgan is a fun-loving geek who was born in the late 1900's . Despite her overly confident self, Netty is a sweetheart craving for adventure. 

Netty Morgan
Gravity falls base we al scream for ice cream by animelover276-d8jdw16
Background information
First seen N/A
Voice AllisonWonderland33
Character information
Full name Netty Winter Morgan
Other names NyanNetty

Nyan Cat 

Water Balloon geek

Personality Aventurous, brave, random, fun, loud
Appearance Dark brown hair, brown eyes
Birthday 1999 (age 13)
Occupation Works at the Mystery Shack
Goal To find all the animal species in Gravity Falls

Somewhere in Florida( Formerly)

Gravity Falls( currently)


Diane( sister) , Mrs. Morgan( Mom)
Pets A Blob of slime called "Bob"
Friends Wendy CorduroySoosGrunkle Stan
Best Friends Mabel PinesDipper Pines
Enemies Pacifica, Gideon , Robbie
Likes Ducks, penguins, Lemons, Muffins, Suceeding in life, shouting
Dislikes Oranges, Barrels, Duck Haters, Chipmunks
Quote  "Aww, Does someone need a group hug?"
Gravity falls base illuminati confirmed by animelover276-d84mn8i

Illuminati confirmed!


Netty's personality is basically described in one word, and that one word is Supercalifragilisticexpialidocius. Random and Adventurous, Netty is never afraid to stand up for herself. Even though she might get stuck in a few ink blots(literally), She knows what is best for everyone.


Early LifeEdit

Netty was born on January 5, 2001. She stayed in Gravity Falls all her life(Exclude a month). At the age of 4, she learned how to read. She began reading from comic books to thick novels. Once in a while, she would take her bike and ride through town. Though her love of reading made her smarter, she could not help it but throw water balloons at people. 

Later LifeEdit

When Netty encountered the Mystery Shack, her life became interesting. She never had been to the Mystery Shack. Well, more like not until June 25, 2012. Netty enjoys coming to the Mystery Shack whenever she's free to go. On September 2, 2012, She found apperently her lost sister, Diane. She when she met Dipper and Mabel, she felt suspicious and follows them. Since she's a good hider, it's almost like she's not there.She still has a lot more to know about Gravity Falls .Edit


  • "Have you EVER.... seen an armadillo?"
  • "Everyone likes ducks. Never regret that."
  • "Can I faint now?
  • "Whoever knew that Mabel was so awesome?"
  • "Nopenopenopenopenopenop-"
  • "I'm not just Netty. I'm DR. NETTY!"


  • Netty is based on a real life person.
  • Sometimes, she wears a towel as a cape to annoy people.


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