Full name:

Nails Black-Rose Slender

Age: 13


Slenderman (father)

Nessia (mother)

Jemma Rose Slender (Older Sister)


Nails is feircely protective of her sister Jemma, even though she is the younger one out of the two. She has a tendency to be a bit forward at times and a bit twisted in her logic. When angered she will most likely do two things. One, she will avoid everything having to do with the person shes mad at and when ever she does talk to them, she's often cold and distant. The second, and this is for people who really get her mad, she goes into killer mode, attacking that person and pretty much not stoping until there dead.


Long blade like nails that come out of her finger tips

her right eye which turns silver and has hypnotizing properties

her voice which also has hypno properties, and has the ability to kill upon hearing.

Her secret;

She's been responsible for the deaths happening in Gravity Falls. Being the daughter of a CP will most likely cause that. She doesn't kill innocent people though. She kills the rotten people in the town, the ones who do horrible acts behind doors, where no one can see or stop them. One of her biggest's rules for herself is that she will never harm a child.

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