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Miles is incredibly sweet and inncocent for a dream demon, unlike most he is completely oblivious to most situations proving quite child-like hinting at the possibility that he may be a younger demon. He is quite playful in his ways, resorting to playful games and good dreams, unlike the nightmares and riddles of his fellow demons. Miles is quite unaware of the power he has if he even has much power at all. 


In Mindscape- Miles appears light blue and occasionally light green teardrop shaped demon with one eye and four small black limbs used for day to day life.

On This Plane Of Reality- Miles has the body of a 15-20 year old man with blue hair and semi-cat like eyes. He has a semi-atheletic build and is usually wearing a light blue polo shirt with a teal sweatervest and a pair of black skinny jeans. When asked where he found the body Miles simply said "In the freezer, where else would a body be?" meaning he probably stole it from a morgue. 


Family- He has no known family. 

Friends-  He doesn't appear to have many friends though enjoys chatting with Mabel and Wendy 

With Canon Characters: 

Grunkle Stan(ley)-  Stan often gets annoyed when Miles out stays his visits in the Mystery Shack, but considering that Miles pays the proper fees and always makes sure to tip, so it's a mutual understanding that he isn't kicked out. 

Wendy-  He enjoys learning about how Wendy and her friends interact by hanging out with him, though not the biggest fan of Robbie.

Mabel- He adores Mabel, loving her free spirit and open mindedness. 

Dipper- He's often nervous and awkward around Dipper, feeling quite intimidated. 

Soos- Too many loveable idiots in one room causes a bit of tension and competion between the two of them

Great Uncle Ford- He is not aware of Uncle Ford's exsistance. 

Bill Cipher- He adores Bill dispite the fact that Bill strongly hates him and thinks of him as nothing more then an annoying child. 

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