Echo is an adventurous 11 year old girl living with her mom in Gravity Falls, Oregon.


Past LifeEdit

Living in LA, she was quite used to city life by 5, though always thought there was something missing. When she was 8, her parents got divorced and she chose to stay with her mom. Said mom wanted to go to her birth home, Gravity Falls, Oregon.

Meeting MidnightEdit

A little bit after Echo realized how weird Gravity Falls was, she also realized her love for adventure! On one of those adventures, she stumbled upon an adorable little kitty hidden in the bushes, even though Echo could only see her fluffy little face. She let the kittten smell her finger, and the feline waddled out of the bush...


Echo is kind, though humorous and often sarcastic. She has a bit of an ego, which is a flaw she's trying to overcome. Adventurous and brave, but also quite smart. She has a passion for music, enjoys singing, and loves art which is something that can often be of use with her journal.

Appearance Edit

She has poofy chocolate brown hair, cream colored skin, and dark brown eyes. She has librarian/old person styled slightly thick-rimmed glasses. I still haven't developed a clothing style for her, though.

Midnight Edit

Midnight's a fluffy little kitty(?) with bat wings and unpredictable powers.

She accompanies Echo on her adventures.

History Edit

Past life Edit

Midnight lived in a bush in Gravity Falls, Oregon for most of her life separated from her parents, and even siblings, presumably dead, with her as one of the last of her kind. She doesn't know much about the forest, or it's inhabitants, because the most she'd do outside of the bush.

Settling with Echo Edit

Now, Midnight lives with Echo. She has to be undercover as a cat, though. Undercover overpowered cat thiiiiiing!

Personality Edit

Seems to know everything, while knowing pretty much nothing. She always does the right thing at the right time, but it's unpredictable when that time is. Still, she's a sweet...whatever she is, who cares a lot for Echo.

Appearance Edit

Midnight has an blackish pelt, green eyes, lots and lots of fur, derpiness, and bat wings.

Trivia Edit

  • If you couldn't already tell, Midnight isn't actually a cat. Nobody really knows what she is. She's a fluffy looking thing; that's all that's known about her.
  • Midnight folds her wings into her super fluffy fur and it is literally impossible to see under all that shed. Talk about allergies.
  • Echo, despite being quite like him, has barely any relation with Dipper.
Yet... Edit
  • Echo is shipped with everyone by me. Dipcho Cipher is otp, everyone! DIPCHO CIPHER! SUPPORT IT! FUEL THE FIRE!

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