Max Pines (Full name unknown)





Also Known as


Cosplaying, Creepypasta, Playing the French Horn, Reading, Homestuck and Paranaural, Broadway Homestuck


Her handwriting, Crowds, tight spaces, Chain E-mails (They make her paranoid)


The Gang


Pacifica, Gideon,


"When Life gives you lemons, Either make lemonade or leave them be. or you could just suck on them and let your lips bleed

She is Dipper's and Mabel's 12 year old Cousin. 


Max wasn't exactly you're happy history girl. her mom murdered her dad out of greed. max was sent to an orphanage where the caretaker was a drunk, ironically. She ran away at age 10 from Washington to Oregon. She met Rudy before she met Stan. She met Stan in the middle of town. She's visited him a few times, now that she's got a few jobs: as a waitress at the diner and a participant at a library. 

Physical AppearanceEdit

Max often wears a white shirt with black sleeves. She wears Black pants and red shoes with that. She wears kohl over her eyes in the shape of the Eye of Horus. Her hair is black and messy. she wears a red head band with it. She even wears black lipstick. 


Max is usually the weird kid. she prefers things that people don't really like. She has the tendency to talk more about her interests than anything else. She enjoys dressing up and sewing clothes/costumes. She worries about Rudy's drinking problem a lot and tried getting him to see a therapist for it.  


  • Max often cosplays as Dirk or Dave.
  • Max suffers from claustrophobia
  • Max has a bigger Paranoia disorder than Rudy does. 
  • Max plays the French horn.  
  • Max is a little more Sensitive and emotional. 
  • Max is interested in Filmography. 
  • When she left the house, she fought with a Hack saw


  • "It's Ironic!" - in her Dave/Dirk cosplay. 
  • "Oh, That's...Kinda a long story actually." - a warning that she'll talk a long while.
  • "Screw you, It's Egyptian!" - when Pacifica judged her make up.
  • "I find it weird that the dreams and daydreams in which I'm dying or crying over are my favorite." - Depression.
  • "Can I ask you the same thing?" - her back talk.
  • "I'm already hearing voices!" - When excited.