Mango Aquaris Dolphin


Her full name comes from a forum I participated in, but now she's a chat OC.

Strange and quirky, Mango is an enthusiastic potion crafter and wizard. She is very wise, but she clouds such with a bouncy and happy personality to friends. She lives deep in the Gravity Falls forest.


Mango is a rare, endangered foxen with the attitude of a cat and the attributes of aquatic mammals. Out of the three types, she is the regular. Since her mother was killed by pollution, and her father was killed by hunters that discovered such creature, she seeks revenge against humanity.

She is smarter than most animals, and has studied black magic and potion creation if she ever meets one. She is one of the last species of Aqua vulpinum cattus, in which there are 5 left. Of a are genetic fusing from birth, she has the abilities to spit venom from her teeth that can cause death. The mildest causing of the poison is temporary blindness, and if ingested, poison that is even deadly for a poisonous animal.

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